Dyson Takes Over Dyson!

Dec 07, 2016

Recently announced by the company, Dyson Ltd. is switching its ownership from James Dyson to his son, Jake Dyson. Surprisingly, this multibillion-dollar company is owned by the founder wholly and solely, and not by shareholders. 

While Mr. James’ inventiveness was towards high-powered electric motors and vacuums, his son had a higher impact in the lighting industry with his lighting design studio for the last decade. Jake joined the Dyson board in 2014 before Dyson bought his company in 2015. Now, the larger establishment sells Jake Dyson’s lighting line as its own. 

The reason behind this internal takeover is Senior Dyson retiring at the age of 70, states Jake, thus also preserving the “family business” instead of the “worldwide success” being sold to any other entity. The main reason behind this being a further success is his interest in “designing products” and enjoying what he does!

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