Flexi Homes launched by Mahindra Lifespaces

Jan 19, 2018
Flexibility is also about empowerment and choice. Every few years, most homeowners undertake the renovation of their houses by painting, tiling and putting up new furniture. Maybe new windows and doors could also be installed or an architect could initiate cosmetic changes to revamp the interiors. However, most renovations cannot go beyond the basics such as painting and interior designing. If homeowners could be empowered to change the entire layout of the house, it would be fantastic. To empower with the power of choice, Aqualily Flexi-homes – a unique residential offering at MWC Chennai provides innovatively designed living spaces that enable homeowners to alter internal layouts depending on their needs. This adaptability is delivered through the use of a dynamic wall & intelligent use of furniture. For example, a bedroom wall serves as a functional ‘flexi-wall’ that can either be collapsed or opened out to alter room dimensions to suit varied user needs. In fact, young families could especially benefit from the reconfiguring of rooms to meet their changing spatial and privacy requirements over time.

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