Foodhall launches Foodhall Cookbook

Feb 13, 2018

Foodhall, the premium lifestyle food superstore for people who understand and enjoy the finer nuances and aspects of food, presents its first cookbook. Curated by one of the finest food and ingredients stores in the country, this book not just takes you around the world to enjoy recipes shared by star chefs – from modern European to Asian, contemporary Indian to Mediterranean, and not-to-be- missed dream desserts, it also brings together the food philosophy of the region. After years of being a destination and an experience that provides world-class ingredients spanning across various cuisines, Foodhall has created this cookbook that is an amalgamation of their thoughts, vision and never-ending love for food.

Foodhall has inspired and enabled many home chefs to discover new recipes, cook amazing meals, and indulge loved ones. The Foodhall Cookbook is a passionate endeavour to instill the love of food and cooking (and eating!) in each one of you. The recipes have been contributed by five of India’s top star chefs - Gresham Fernandes, Kelvin Cheung, Pooja Dhingra, Sabyasachi Gorai and Zorawar Kalra.

All the sections in the cookbook are curated to let you travel regions through their ingredients, textures and dishes. These experiences are championed by chefs who have made a mark in their respective fields. For instance, Chef Saby’s section brims with vivid flavours of the Mediterranean. Gresham’s Warm Mushroom Salad showcases the beautiful textures of earthy mushrooms that highlight the simplicity of Modern European cuisine. Kelvin Cheung’s delightful Pumpkin Congee is reminiscent of the very popular Indian khichdi with brighter colours and extra crunchiness. Zorawar Kalra’s section stays true to Indian cuisine, yet modernizes it to make it cooler and much sexier. To culminate the culinary journey, an entire section devoted to desserts, highlights Pooja Dhingra’s expertise, namely Kesar Pista Cupcakes and Falooda-inspired Rose Chia Pudding. Every chef has merged Indian and international ingredients together, to create a distinctly unique food journey that finds its place in The Foodhall Cookbook.

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