IKEA Introduces 3D Knit Furniture Into Its PS Collection

Dec 13, 2016

The Swedish furniture brand, IKEA introduces its 3D knit PS 2017 armchair, which has a mesh back and sides stretched across a powder-coated steel frame. It is designed to be a light weighted, semi-transparent armchair that also lends a sense of "airy openness and space", comments Sarah Fager, In-house Designer at IKEA.

Based on a digital design, 3D-knitting uses computer-controlled manufacturing machines that knit fibers into intricate shapes. The technique was invented for the garment industry, but is gradually finding its place in the world of design and architecture.

Available in various colours, this £125 3D-knitted chair is part of the company's PS (post scriptum) collection, which is renewed once in three years with a different focus, trends and collaborations.

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