Innovative Wooden Machine Produces ‘Handwritten’ version of Bodoni Font

Dec 06, 2016

Graduate from Design Academy Eindhoven, Sooji Lee, has built a hand-operated machine, namely Craftsmanship, which rewrites the Bodoni typestyle in lowercase.

The designer has constructed a pedal-operated wooden machine with a pen; along with a set of "maps" the operator follows to recreate each Bodoni letter.

Lee has deconstructed the lowercase letters of this three-century-old font and reduced it to 26 individual elements.

Her motive behind coming up with this inventive tool was to literally write, instead of claiming to write while actually just pushing buttons on a computer.

This rare piece of work was displayed at Dutch Design Week 2016, where other students showcased various other groundbreaking creations such as furniture made from processed pine needles, and a gun designed to fire tears.

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