Jaipur Rugs strikes a chord with buyers at the Indian Carpet Expo

Oct 18, 2017

Jaipur Rugs, India’s leading manufacturer of hand knotted carpets, showcased a plethora of hand-woven rugs along with some of their award-winning designs at the India Carpet Expo (ICE), 2017. Asia’s largest carpet expo, ICE was held in Varanasi and saw some of the most premium rug manufacturers exhibit their collections at the 3-day event. ICE provides a platform for buyers to procure the most beautiful handmade carpets, rugs and other floor covers from across India. This biannual fair, which is also hosted in Delhi, has become a global event. Installed in Jaipur Rugs’ business model, is the endeavour to build a connection between their customers and the weavers. In furtherance of that objective, the Jaipur Rugs installation at the ICE featured award-winning rugs that convey the story of this connection and attracted the gaze of many visitors. Integrating current designs with the sustenance of the communities, Jaipur Rugs offers a curated line-up of contemporary to transitional and eclectic carpets handmade in rural India. Jaipur Rugs works with close to 40,000 artisans in 600 villages in India, providing families with sustainable livelihood at their doorsteps. Each of their rugs passes through 180 hands, that have perfected the art of hand-knotted rugs. Organized by CPEC, ICE, Varanasi is one of the largest events in the industry and sees a massive footfall every year. Over the past few years, the Indian Carpet Expo has established itself as one of the major sourcing platforms for buyers from around the globe. It invites visitors from countries like USA, Germany, Russia, Turkey and Australia amongst others.

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