Loom Crafts Presents Loom Clad, a Collection of Aluminium Cladding

Oct 30, 2017

To give a magical face lift to the high-end exterior construction and architectural industry, ‘Loom Crafts’ a name synonymous with high quality, innovations and trendsetting designs in outdoor lifestyle,  has innovated the first of its kind exterior surfacing solutions—Loom Clad, poised to revolutionize the building construction code. Loom Clad is an extruded aluminium weatherboard system offering a choice of different profiles for use in new construction or for re-cladding. It is suitable for residential or commercial works as exterior cladding for the entire structure or for feature areas in combination with other cladding products. Suitable for use in the interior as well as exterior applications, Loom Clad, the collection of Aluminium Cladding by Loom Crafts features cladding or integrated into the door, screens, canopies ceilings, counter fronts etc. Ergonomically designed, Loom Clad can be customized and installed as per the distinct demands of clients. Available in a wide variety of textures and colours, Loom Clad can even be installed in a range of profiles and styles to completely change the look and feel of your outdoors. So whether it’s an existing building or a new construction at any given altitude or even in the coastal area, Loom Clad is the sheer ideal option to achieve a timeless luxurious finish and appeal. Loom Clad is aluminium cladding available in wide range of wood grain and solid colour finishes. The wood grain and solid colours applied to Loom Clad are warranted for up to 15 years assuring superior resistance to weathering in the colour and gloss retention. Loom Clad won’t rot, warp, peel or fade and is even impervious to insects. Even after the warranty period Loom Clad can be recycled or re-coated while it also, has a resale value which means it’s an investment with return unlike Wood and other available cladding options.

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