MagniStretch – A pain relieving mattress from Magniflex

Sep 04, 2017

Magniflex, Italy’s largest and most innovative mattress company has unveiled MagniStretch, an advanced pain relieving mattress for the back & neck. MagniStretch reduces back and neck pain revitalizes discs during sleep due to an improved blood flow. MagniStretch uses the pressure exerted by the body to gently stretch the back and spinal column. This subtle traction gradually increases space between the vertebrae, which improves blood circulation and alleviates back pain. While the six inclined foam layers use the body's weight to move pressure from the lumbar area to the cervical area and feet. This subtle movement stretches the back and distributes the weight evenly throughout the body.  The Magniflex mattress is proven to dissipate pressure points and muscular contractions.

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