Mahatta Art offers reprints of Claude Monet Paintings

Nov 08, 2017

Many people only dream of owning a priceless piece of art for their home or art collection. You can now invest in a piece of history, with reproduction oil paintings, the dream becomes an affordable way to enjoy and appreciate the most stunning art masterpieces known to man.Digital quality reproductions of the most famous paintings created by Claude Monet, have brought to life by Mahatta Art an online art gallery, the latest initiative of Mahatta Group, co-founded by two Mehta's brother Hemant Mehta and Dushyant Mehta. Mahatta Art offers beautiful reproduction of rare and expensive original works of art in unique 100 plus framing options in basic, antique and fancy categories. Mahatta Art’s latest offerings are of reproduction of Claude Monet painting collection, known as the Impressionists, influencing art for generations to come. About Artist: Claude Monet was the leader of the French Impressionist movement, literally giving the movement its name. As an inspirational talent and personality, he was crucial in bringing its adherents together. Masterful as a colorist and as a painter of light and atmosphere, his later work often achieved a remarkable degree of abstraction, and this has recommended him to subsequent generations of abstract painters. Frames Available: Choose from more than 100+ framing options. Select from Basic, Antique and fancy frame categories with multiple options in each categories such as Vintage Walnut, Espresso, Virtuosity silver available in multiple colors like black, brown, neutral, white, silver, golden, grey etc.

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