Osram Lighting Solutions Acquires Maneri-Agraz Enterprises, Extending Business To South U.S.

Feb 08, 2017

German firm, Osram Lighting Solutions has acquired the business operations of Houston, Texas-based Maneri-Agraz Enterprises. Maneri-Agraz Enterprises serves as a national provider of energy efficient lighting solutions for commercial and industrial facilities and delivers lighting solutions to a range of markets from warehousing and manufacturing to retail and the public sector.

Maneri-Agraz’s clients include large and renowned food and beverage production and distribution facilities, aerospace facilities, and technology companies, among others. Osram will add Maneri-Agraz to its service division Sylvania Lighting Solutions (SLS), which is a segment of Osram’s Lighting Solutions business unit. John Maneri, Founder, Maneri-Agraz, and future Consultant of Sylvania Lighting Solutions, takes pride in becoming part of the lighting business giant.

According to Eladia Pulido, CEO, Osram, the deal helps extend Osram’s service business into the industrial and commercial business sectors in the South and Southwest regions of the U.S.

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