Peabody’s Interiors Opens Its Doors To Eponymous Schlagenhaft Studio

Dec 28, 2016

After contemplation over 2 years, the owners of Peabody’s Interiors have formally launched an eponymous design practice, ‘Schlagenhaft Studio’ confirms Kelly Boecker, President of Peabody.

This new unit of Peabody’s, a high-end home furnishings and custom work store at 8655 N. Deerwood Dr. in Brown Deer, is named for Boecker’s uncle, the late Jon Schlagenhaft, while retaining Peabody as its retail division. 

According to Kelly, with the economy again on firm footing, people have been building the types of expensive homes that call for design talent, thus giving them “some really huge projects” as opposed to five years ago when as many people weren’t looking for interior designers.

“We just did a $10 million house in Mequon that we finished up this year,” Boecker said. “So people are starting to spend again, and I think having these projects in our portfolio is a big deal for us.” 

Peabody is currently working on a planned residential high rise here and a project for a TV celebrity in Nashville.

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