Plüsch introduces UNIQUE by Eggersmann

Dec 21, 2017

Plüsch brings you the German based kitchen brand Eggersmann's UNIQUE kitchen to the Indian market. The concept of the Eggersmann UNIQUE kitchen places prominence on its timelessness and minimalism.The name UNIQUE really says it all. The focus is on individuality as well as exceptional and exquisite materials. A decisive and fundamental idea for this system is the homogeneity of all relevant surfaces. The front and side surfaces of the UNIQUE kitchen along with its handles and working surfaces are made of just one identical material. The materials used very much reflect the UNIQUE concept of individuality. The Eggersmann UNIQUE kitchens are exclusively available at all Plüsch showrooms in Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai and Hyderabad.

Various types of stones, granite, exquisite veneers as well as mineral materials can be used to build the kitchen. Each kitchen is inimitable as defined by the individual character of materials such as soapstone, limestone, antique granite and quartz. Intricate details such as mitre joints are applied on fronts and side panels. The designs are free spirited and completely open to suggestion yet the aesthetics are timeless.

Eggersmann has been realizing individual aesthetic and luxurious customized kitchen equipment for more than a century thus making the UNIQUE kitchen most realistic and authentic. These kitchens represent examples of the abundance of materials, colours and planning possibilities for creating custom solutions for individuals. The equipments are portrayed ‘live on stage’ and offers the highest authenticity. Eggersmann sets the standard for a responsible use of wood materials and natural resources.

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