Sans Souci Launches Their New Collection of Bespoke Lights

Dec 04, 2017

Sans Souci one of the leading lighting brand in the Czech Republic launches their new collection of bespoke lights – Bowls and Aurora. These lighting fixtures from Sans Souci not only enhance the look of the room but add to the overall décor and create a mood and personality to your space.

The beauty of the light fixture centre’s on a simple shape and the ever-attractive contrast. The smooth hand-blown bowls were rotated ninety degrees and suspended with the convex parts facing one another. This created a wave that is very elegant yet also pleasantly disordered. Bowls, a light fixture, which is a play of contrasting colours and metallic coatings looks perfect on smooth, hand blown bowls – cold white combined with warm gold and dark black with moon silver being the dominant combinations. The contrast is accentuated even further by an alternating application of colours and metallic coatings.

Each pendant is made of two parts, a hand-blown crystal-clear drop with soda effect inside and a hand-blown crystal clear cap with silver nano coating finish. They have combined hand blown glass components in a celestial play, imitating the fascinating phenomenon that originates in polar areas and is very rare in our latitudes. The light sources are programmed to put on a pulsating show of different coloured fans, rays or drapes. The lighting installation can be quickly and easily controlled by an iPod.

About Sans Souci: Sans Souci is a Czech designer and producer of decorative lighting fixtures, glass objects and architectural features. The brand carries out grand, unique projects focusing on light objects, exclusive light fixtures and luxury interior decoration features. Their speciality is original architectural features, such as railings, stairways, tables, skylights, columns, and others. What characterizes them is a high proportion of manufacture with emphasis on precision and detail. The production takes place in North Bohemia, a world-renowned glass-making region associated with the most significant phases of the development of glass-making in the Czech Republic as well as in the whole of Europe. 


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