St+art Mumbai 2017: India’s international street art festival heads to Mumbai for its second edition

Oct 13, 2017

St+art Mumbai 2017 will reflect upon the nature and DNA of the city through the lens of site specific projects in its most significant locations. Dharavi and Sassoon Dock will be the main focus for art interventions ranging from colourful murals, installations, workshops, film screenings and a range of events that will bring various communities together. There will also be 3 other special projects in Churchgate Station, Jindal Mansion and the Western Railways. The aim of the project is to connect these areas of modern Mumbai which seem so distant from one another, yet are part of a shared history, and explore how integral these spaces have been to the cultural history and development of Mumbai. Starting from 10th October to 30th December, St+art Mumbai will bring together artists, national, international and local, who will add to the city of dreams a touch of contemporary public art. An initiative of the St+art India foundation who have organised 6 other festivals prior to this in cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai, the St+art festival returns to Mumbai to build on the work done in the first edition. The festival is wholeheartedly supported by Asian Paints which shares the foundation’s vision of spreading art across public spaces in India.Over 30 Indian and international artists, as well as urban designers, will be part of this festival. The line-up includes names such as Guido Van Helten (Australia), Curiot (Mexico), Olivier Hols (Austria), Clemens Behr (Germany), Daku (India), Sameer Kulavoor (India), Shilo Shiv Suleman (India), AWP (France), Ayaz Basrai (India), Askewone (New Zealand), Ella & Pitr (France), Avinash Kumar (India), Yok and Sheryo (Singapore), Tan Xi Zi (Singapore), Sameep Padora (India) amongst others. The artists will create conversations amongst the people who commute through these high footfall spaces everyday, and encapsulate the spirit of Mumbai.

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