TICIA- The Growing Bed

Sep 14, 2017

With TICIA it is possible to realise a multitude of variations, literally from the cradle all the way to an adults bed. Furthermore, all the components can be transformed into "new" furniture designs, so it never gets dull. Along with a cradle, a crib, a children's bed and an adult's bed comes a desk, a chest of drawers, a nightstand and two shelves. "All in one" quite frankly it’s simply awesome. TICIA is an all in one piece of functional, long-life furniture, which adapts to meet the changing needs of a growing child.In the first months of life, TICIA is a cosy cradle. The cradle has two easily adjustable height options. In addition, the dresser can be used as a baby change table offering comfortable “easy on the back” height, adequate storage space and extra quiet drawers.  When the child grows, the sidewalls of the cradle become small shelves and the dresser can be moved to the left or right, creating a cosy bed suitable for a small child. One creates more storage space by inserting the cradle segments into the upper bed structure.

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