Tom Dixon Lights Up The Welcome Lane Of The Television Centre

Dec 12, 2016

Tom Dixon, Creative Director of the renowned lighting brand, Tom Dixon crafts a spectacular and festive suspended light installation in the welcome lane of Television Centre in London’s borough, White City. The inspired work in the newly landscaped area off Wood Lane was opened to the public on Thursday, 1st December 2016.

The designer’s light installation is sponsored by White Noise, a live research project about urban change based in White City and Stanhope.

With a total of 160 geodesic brass pendant lights that dramatically illuminate the bare-branched trees, have been designed using intricately engraved and patterned razor thin brass sheets. Part of his Etch family of designs, these structures cast beautiful shadows when switched on together.

Interested art aficionados may find more of his outstanding work in museums such as the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Museum of Modern Art.

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