University At Buffalo Police Soon To Be Stationed In Stylish Headquarters

Jan 06, 2017

Students in Jin Young Song’s fall studio in the School of Architecture and Planning spent the fall semester creating designs for a new University at Buffalo (UB) Police headquarters.

“Our aim was that through the architecture itself, the building should be fostering that relationship with the campus community every day,” says Song, Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture, and Cofounder, DIOINNO Architecture, which has offices in Buffalo and Seoul.

Song has been interested in viewing the contemporary building facade as a mechanism that integrates manifold technical and non-technical elements, thereby generating a specific relationship between people and the culture.

The studio was split into three teams, each charged with developing designs for a new police headquarters in one of three different named locations: the Green Gateway (Solar Strand site), University Link (near Lake LaSalle) and the Wellness Gateway (near the current location).

The designs all strive for spaces that make it easier for police to do their job, while removing the visual barriers that can make a building seem closed off and uninviting.

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