Viega Advantix Vario- a tailor made shower channel

Aug 17, 2017

Viega Advantix Vario shower channel has a high level of flexibility, from long to short, in L-shape or in a U-shape, and three connecting elements to assist the unique feature. It is the first shower channel that can be shortened exactly to the required length. On the other hand, even at a low installation height, it gives a drainage capacity of 24 litres per minute. For its flexibility, minimalism and top performance, the innovative Viega Advantix Vario shower channel designed by Artefakt Industriekultur, the Darmstadt design agency has been recognized by many prestigious entities. Viega was founded in Attendorn, Germany, in 1899. Worldwide, more than 4,000 people are employed by the Viega Group, which is a manufacturer of installation technology for sanitary and heating. The range consists of approximately 17,000 articles in the product categories of piping systems as well as pre-wall and drainage technology.

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