Weston Williamson Proposes New Design Concept To Resolve Palestinian Housing Issues

Jan 31, 2017

British studio Weston Williamson has revealed a housing concept that aims to resolve the lack of affordable housing in Palestine by allowing residents to expand as their finances grow.  

Like the housing project Chilean architect Alejandro Aravena designed in Mexico, building work is designed to be carried out incrementally, with new rooms added as the occupants' wealth grows.

Weston Williamson claims the needs of the majority of Palestinian households are not being met by the present housing market, with up to 70% unable to afford average house prices.

Basic apartments would be built around a central circulation core, and each would have its own large balcony.

The scheme, which is proposed for the West Bank and Gaza, is designed to provide long-term homes that "grow with their inhabitants", allowing residents to expand outwards onto balconies using prefabricated panels.

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