Taiwanese Temple Installs Ecofriendly Glaciallight Led Lighting

Jan 12, 2017

I-Kuan Tao (also known as Yiguandao in traditional Chinese), is one of the several common religions in Taiwan, which originated from China and expanded globally.

This religion that worships prehistoric energy wants to consume less electricity, and even features temples that are devoted to green energy. Therefore, installing LED lighting perfectly fits with the I-Kuan Tao ideas about sustainability.

On November 26, 2016, the largest green energy temple located in Changhua City, Taiwan opened. The whole temple lighting scheme mainly uses GlacialLight AR111, down lights, and track lights together with a lighting control dimmer (electronic potentiometer) and GlacialPower dimmable drivers.

The various LED lighting fixtures together with lighting control system, distribute the light in a way that makes the statues look beautiful, solemn, and lifelike. The warm color temperature fixtures help make the whole palace bright and warm. The energy saving and carbon reduction of using LED lighting fixtures reduces costs and sets a standard for temple lighting design.

Oneplus Opens Its First Experience Store In India

Jan 12, 2017

Mobile tech start-up company OnePlus has set up its first ‘Experience Store’ in Bengaluru. The store will be a one-stop destination to experience the complete range of OnePlus products.

Spread over 14,000 sq. ft., the OnePlus Experience Centre is located in Brigade Road. The store is spread over four zones with an independent service centre in the basement, a retail-plus-community zone on the ground and mezzanine floors, office space on the upper floors and a café-plus-lounge area on the rooftop.

Furthermore, the OnePlus Experience Store will provide customers with an opportunity to experience products, including smartphones, accessories and lifestyle merchandise, company executives said.

In addition, an array of unique engagement activities will be conducted on an on-going basis to provide a differentiated experience to users and fans.

Vikas Agarwal, General Manager, OnePlus India proudly states “that the store was designed, to deliver a personalised experience, while allowing them (customers) to try and test complete range of our products before making a purchase.”

Reciprocal Architecture Licensure Now Available In Usa, New Zealand & Australia

Jan 12, 2017

Architects with license in either the USA, Australia or New Zealand would now be able to gain reciprocal certificates in all of the three countries due to a new agreement.

The Mutual Recognition Arrangement among the three architectural licensing authorities came into effect this January 2017.

Spearheaded by the USA's National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB), the arrangement was signed by the Architects Accreditation Council of Australia (AACA) and the New Zealand Registered Architects Board (NZRAB).

Rightly stated by NCARB President Kristine Harding, “the arrangement is an exciting opportunity for architects seeking to expand their careers internationally."

To be able to take advantage of the opportunity, architects must hold a current NCARB Certificate and meet a list of requirements.

So far 29 of the 54 licensing boards in the US have accepted the arrangement, including those in California, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin.

On the other side of the world, the Brexit vote has thrown into question the current reciprocal licensing arrangement between the UK and other EU member states. 

Zebronics Launches ‘orient’ Speakers With Groundbreaking Technology

Jan 10, 2017


Zebronics India Pvt. Ltd, India’s leading supplier of IT peripherals, Audio/Video and Surveillance products brings in another Monster Sound, the latest Tower Power, ‘Orient Tower Speakers’ standing tall embodying both the values and sound to, tall claims to fame.  

Housed in a wooden enclosure, not only Orient brings unparalleled sound experience but also boasts enchanting visuals that compliment its slim design along with the color changing lights, which add style to the room. 

To give you ultimate comfort and convenience, the orient Tower speakers has Bluetooth connectivity that enables you to stream music directly from your smartphone, tablet or any other Bluetooth enabled devices seamlessly.  To enhance your multimedia experience, you also get AUX Input, USB/TF Card & FM Radio Support.

To enrich the user experience, the speaker can also be controlled wirelessly with a remote, which enables you to change tracks, adjust volume, and control the system at your convenience from a distance. Furthermore, you also have dedicated control buttons on the speaker itself to facilitate better usage.

The speaker is available with a year's warranty, across leading retail and ecommerce portals across India. To know more, log on to zebronics.com.

Lilu Natural Swimming Pool For Rural Community In Tunisia

Jan 10, 2017

The 1000m2 aquatic complex, built by a socially enthusiastic team of architects and designers, includes a swimming pool, a hamman, a health club, and an organic cafe. It is an attractive and easily accessible center dedicated to bathing, swimming, and exercising, as well as to relax and socialize with friends, to meet for informal meals and healthy snacks, play, and sun bathe. 

Ancillary sports amenities adjoin the aquatic complex and encourage diverse sport practices and games in the middle of the rural park (football and handball fields with tennis courts, jogging, strolling, basketball).

The 300m2 swimming pool basin is filled with natural recycled water. The rainwater coming down from the olive orchard hill, the roofs of the collective housing pavilions and other facilities is harvested, filtered, then purified by plants. This recycling process establishes an active dialogue between residents and local eco-system enriched by a newly introduced bio-diversity whose role is to ensure the upkeep of a low maintenance, self-sustainable rural park, natural pool and botanical garden.

The pool construction materials are local rocks, gravel, field stones and larger demolition stones recovered from on site existing ruins. Construction does not necessitate concrete.

Interior Architects Crack Yet Another Linkedin Deal In Los Angeles

Jan 10, 2017

Interior Architects Design Director Neil Schneider and Director of Environmental Graphics Julie Maggos, have built yet another LinkedIn office in Los Angeles, after completing their headquarters in Mountain View, and other offices in Chicago, New York, Toronto, and Sao Paulo, Brazil. The pair is undeniably steeped in the client culture.

This is an immense project totaling 440,000 square feet. An enviable terrace adds another 3,000 for a true outside draw, weekends and holidays included. That’s the count for LinkedIn’s office in San Francisco, by Interior Architects.

But this latest project is no copy-and-paste job Maggos claims to have done things they “never did before”. This was her most extensive LinkedIn environmental graphics program yet. “Every floor’s meeting rooms have a theme,” Schneider adds. For example, there are old-time bars, trendy coffee roasters, musicians, movies shot locally, and neighborhoods. Quotes from famous authors, poets and even images of “Pixel” and employees’ selfies appear on different walls of the office for a less mundane atmosphere. There are also amenities such as pantries, foosball tables, wellness areas, etc. 

Dotted Ceilings Create Glowing Patterns In This Building

Jan 09, 2017

American studio Tighe Architecture used plywood, perforated steel and white LEDs to upgrade the communal spaces in a pair of nondescript, 50-year-old office buildings in the Los Angeles area.

Perforated steel panels, clear-finished plywood and various lighting strategies were then installed to "energise the spaces" and assist in way finding.

"The layering of building materials, pattern and shadow define circulation and other areas of activity," the studio said. 

The panels are affixed to walls and ceilings. In the lobby areas, they extend beyond the front door to form dramatic exterior canopies.

White LEDs shine through holes in the metal panels. The patterning was inspired by raindrops in one building and a network of highways in the other.

The team also suspended linear LED fixtures in all of the refurbished areas, and added benches and stools made of plywood.

University At Buffalo Police Soon To Be Stationed In Stylish Headquarters

Jan 06, 2017

Students in Jin Young Song’s fall studio in the School of Architecture and Planning spent the fall semester creating designs for a new University at Buffalo (UB) Police headquarters.

“Our aim was that through the architecture itself, the building should be fostering that relationship with the campus community every day,” says Song, Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture, and Cofounder, DIOINNO Architecture, which has offices in Buffalo and Seoul.

Song has been interested in viewing the contemporary building facade as a mechanism that integrates manifold technical and non-technical elements, thereby generating a specific relationship between people and the culture.

The studio was split into three teams, each charged with developing designs for a new police headquarters in one of three different named locations: the Green Gateway (Solar Strand site), University Link (near Lake LaSalle) and the Wellness Gateway (near the current location).

The designs all strive for spaces that make it easier for police to do their job, while removing the visual barriers that can make a building seem closed off and uninviting.

Bmw Unveils The Interior Design Of Futuristic Self-driving Cars

Jan 06, 2017

For so many years, the automotive industry focused on the technical aspects of autonomous vehicles. Self-driving technology can easily be deemed the future. However, BMW decided to unveil what the aesthetics might look like with self-driving cars rather than the autonomous technology itself.

BMW debuted the Inside Future concept at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. While most traditional concept cars have full hoods and exteriors, the BMW body lacks most of the structure. And for good reason, as BMW designers clearly wanted to show off a unique and fresh new interior concept.

The cabin has four wide comfortable seats, with a throw pillow on one row and a small bookshelf between the front and back rows. Despite the rather cozy feel, the cabin maintains an open and airy design.

BMW would also include HoloActive technology when the car projects a 3-D image onto the console.

However, BMW understands this “holy grail” of self-driving cars will be hard to reach.

“How do we replace the human brain’s recognition and decision making with an intelligent system?” Frolich said.

Despite those problems, the future of autonomous driving certainly looks comfortable.

Anita Dongre’s Delhi Store Is A Piece Of Traditional Art

Jan 06, 2017

Anita Dongre’s global label is a testament of the years of hardwork and the thoughts she has put in her designs.

With many stores across the country, the designer chose Delhi to house her largest flagship couture store in India - spanning over an area of 10,000 sq. ft. Both her collection and the interiors of her latest store – have an essence of Rajasthan’s culture and have been “intricately handcrafted by skilled artisans”.

“Every detail in the store and the couture is based on the philosophy to revive India’s rich crafts,” she adds.

Intricately planned, “there are thirty handmade Pichwai style paintings that adorn every room, with each owning for itself one animal subject.”

Anita Dongre’s favourite part of the boutique is “the organic terrace garden”, she adds. “An element we've added to this store, which is not present in our other stores would be the regal snooker table in the men's section”.

She further states that the entire space takes shape with various architectural elements including arches, jallis, nooks & corners, niches & alcoves that define Rajasthan.