Christopher Charles Benninger

Krohne Marshall New Manufacturing Campus

Christopher Charles Benninger Architects effortlessly integrated the old and new work units at the Krohne Marshall New Manufacturing Campus in Pune.

Spanning across an astounding 94,788 sq ft, the Krohne Marshall Unit is located at Pimpri in Pune. Aluminium perforated sheets used for the exteriors lend an authentic industrial look to the manufacturing unit. Putting together water recycling, connected atrium to reduce power dependency, ducts for indoor air purification etc, the project has adopted some of the best practise in green technology. The facility is also friendly towards people of different needs. Keeping in mind speed and function, the design incorporates large bays towards a central atrium. Criss-crossing bridges create visual drama as the old and new buildings connect to the atrium. In an attempt to bring nature into these stark industrial units, salubrious workspaces were created. The new design aids smooth operations in the various processes to ensure no loss in production of this brown field development.