Kapil Agarwal

Haveli Dharampura

Spaces Architects@ka reinstated the former splendor of Haveli Dharampura in Old Delhi.

All the functions revolve around the central courtyard of Haveli Dharampura. This aids the visual connectivity, light and air floor among other characteristics that complement the restoration process. Spaces Architects@ka gathered inspiration from old cities of India to recreate the traditional haveli style of architecture with its fine elements. Every room was given a theme of its own to reflect the vibrant cultures present in Chandini Chowk. All artefacts were custom designed according to the chosen themes. The main structure of the haveli was also strengthened through various techniques. To improve on its cost and efficiency, new materials were used to replicate all traditional architectural elements. The scale and features were retained with the help of skilled labour handpicked from various parts of the country.