Mallika Desai Thakker, and Priyal Thakker

A Delightful Escape

An office that revolves around the life of the employee is indeed a unique concept! The Fork Media office at Phoenix Market City in Mumbai is a worker’s paradise, thanks to Vibe Design Lab.
As Jan Morris puts it, ‘while the opera waited for Signor Puccini, movies landed instead.’ From an era of opera singers to the last surviving opera house in the country, this western art was fading away over time. In an attempt to save the last standing opera Rs 12 crore was sanctioned for its restoration and conservation. The project spread over 24,953 sq ft took 7 odd years to salvage.

A wonderland of its own kind, the funky designs can enthral you the moment you step in. Bent and twisted, the psychedelic ceiling welcomes people into the reception area of the office. Poufs add to the informal vibe of the space. Considering the location of the office, the industrial look lets it effortlessly blend in with the urban ambience. To add dimension to the monochrome colour scheme, hand dawn doodles adorn the walls. The brand’s signature yellow pops up at regular intervals in the space.

The client’s brief was to make the space personal, to make the space revolve around the likes and dislikes of the employees. Thus spaces like the games room, lounges and pantry became the focus of the 6,500 sq ft office layout. “The client had fond memories of their very first office space which was set up under a terrace tensile. Some great stories contributed to the overall office vibe and a terrific sense of humour that allowed us to push the envelope in terms of design elements that ultimately became the core design vocabulary”, said Priyal Thakker. The designers were given free rein to think of new ideas and tease novel concepts. Thus, translating the brief’s intangible objectives was the most liberating aspect for the designers. The final overall feel was of a mismatched raw look juxtaposed with high gloss elements demonstrate the unfinished versus the refined. “Our ideation phase of the project mostly revolved around memories, stories and humour and how these could be translated into the spatial design”, Mallika Desai Thakker signed off.