Raya Shankhwalker

A Goan Paradise

Raya Shankhwalker Architects did a remarkable job of transforming this store into a restaurant.
The name ‘Soro’ in the local language of Konkani language literally translates to ‘alcohol’. Keeping with its name, the place aims to be the life of the party. Located at Vagator in Goa, the project is spread over 3,000 sq ft and was completed in a total budget of 90 lakhs. The vintage look of the structure became the focal point of the project.

Accent lighting for the outdoor set a mood perfect for a lively evening of dance and merriment. The entrance hidden behind plants and shrubs, vines and flowers add a vintage touch. The three walls that stand along the roads, were left untouched.

Their dilapidated charm became the perfect opportunity for the designer to create an understated entrance for the hip bar inside. The tiled roof and courtyard add to the laidback Goan theme. “As the design is centred on the concept of a 1940’s warehouse owned by a local dealer who traded in different merchandise, retaining the original structure became pivotal”, said Raya Shankhwalker.

The designer chose to leave the ducting and electrical piping exposed, carrying forward the theme of the industrial warehouse. A terrazzo bar and doors made from old corrugated metal sheets visually bind the narrative of this old world restaurant. Vintage graffiti adorn the walls adding some pop. Bold graphic designs were also incorporated in the vintage flooring. Eclectic arrays of cement tiles arranged in a customised pattern further add some zing to this contemporary space!