Manit Rastogi

The British School

Morphogenesis put together this global school with local perspective and design.

An International education with an Indian soul’, Morphogenesis stays true to the institute’s tagline to create a socially cohesive space set in the local context. Spread over 2,97,000 sq ft of land, the school is located at Chanakyapuri in New Delhi. The design vision is rooted in a strong cultural context to add perspective to the international format of education this institution provides. Acknowledging the diverse group of stakeholders, the approach of the designer was to create an environment that would foster social cohesiveness. Semi-enclosed spaces were formed that could be transformed according to the needs of the occupants. The designers also provided a lot of space for the students to mingle with nature under the shade of trees through the chajjas and verandas and chaupal-like areas, among other niche spots. The design of the school itself fosters a contextual learning experience.