Arjun Malik


This house in Alibaug by Malik Architecture is a private haven in the midst of greenery.

With every room opening up to its own private garden and dense greenery beyond, Malik Architecture make this home a green retreat haven. Large open spaces along with a traditional sloping roof are the two most Indian styles used in the design. The concept of the design evolved around the existing greenery and thus in the making of this home, least flaura was disturbed. To further reduce the impact of the home on its natural environment, local materials like stone, wood, clay tile and fly ash bricks were used. The home spread over 22,380 sq ft used traditional construction techniques but with a design understanding based in modern times to achieve a contemporary syntax. The client’s brief of an integrated network of water bodies was achieved by laying the channels on the grid around the existing natural setting. Using large courtyard areas of a traditional home, a system of connected water bodies was introduced to the site. A different style of furniture and interior set-up distinguishes the more modern amenities like that of a gym and a theatre system. The site also boasts of a Hamam inspired by the Turkish baths and stepped wells of Gujarat.