Manit Rastogi

The Artisan House

Morphogenesis develops a culture of its own, one based in tradition and luxury with this bespoke home in New Delhi.

Emerging from skill and handed-down traditions, designs speak volumes about a culture.With the incorporation of craft, material, method and design, this home is a vision of luxury redefined. Through this project by Morphogenesis, the firm worked towards re-establishing a patronage for artisanal skills. The architectural form was adorned by a series of layered walls that juxtaposed a vertical plane. Contrasting with the modern planes and surfaces, the detailing was replicated with traditional materials and craft based nuances. From stone in one area, to metal craft in the other and textiles in the third, the strategy of striation brought together distinct crafts and over 50 materials without impinging on the architectural sensibility and destroying the cohesive narrative. A representation of luxury and freedom, the house reflects the experimentation by the architects and the acceptance of the clients in creating distinct spaces that unfold like that of the exotic unknown.