Nilanjan Bhowal

Comfort Redefined
Minimal decor items feature around the home
Storage units are carefully placed to blend in with the décor.

This home by Design Consortium embodies its natural surroundings to provide a fresh perspective on glocal design. A back-lit jaali running across the length of the courtyard makes for the dramatic entrance into this home. Located at Pamposh Enclave in New Delhi, this residence is spread over 4,500 sq ft and is home to a single family. Contemporary and diverse furniture along with bright furnishings add character to the otherwise natural coloured interiors. The green pockets, strategically placed in the courtyard and balconies, lend a sense of openness to the indoor space.

The area below the staircase doubles up as a bar.

Wonderful mixes of contrasting textures bind the home with an eclectic touch. The master bedroom, family living, study and guest bedroom have ample space with a special outlet for each into a green balcony. Each room is flooded with natural light throughout the day. Large corner glazings and translucent blinds create patterns in the shadows of the daylight. The basement, on the other hand,boasts of keen materiality with its wallpaper and large mirror. This area also houses the home theatre system that was carefully placed here keeping in mind the structural needs of the room. “Materials with low embodied energy like local wood and granite were used to reduce the impact of the home on the environment”, said Nilanjan Bhowal while describing the importance given to natural materials in the home. Colour, form, material and texture come together beautifully to create a sense of tranquillity. Having put together local materials and global techniques, this home is a result of a refined design process.

The pool is in the centre of the
home, enclosed from all sides.
Simple furniture completes the bedroom like the four poster bed